After almost 20 years at a desk job, I walked away and started my own photography business at 41 years old—yes, I know, a little late—but as they say, better late than never.

I jumped into entrepreneurship with my head spinning. There was so much to learn about the photography industry, marketing, branding, the ins and outs of running business, posing clients, finding locations, website design, networking, and the list goes on….and on…

Which brings me to why after only six years of being in business I’ve started a mentoring blog—a place to share everything I’ve learned thus far so I can help you and your business get up and running much quicker than I did. I’ll share all the mistakes I’ve made (so you don’t make them too) and will be open with you as I continue along this journey.

I will not be hosting any workshops or mentoring sessions this year. I’m going to take the year to work on myself and my business. I’m making some big shifts that require all of my attention, and will most likely include more mistakes and lessons learned that I will happily share with you. I’m going to do my best to be an open book.

I believe in collaboration over competition.

I believe in helping others.

I believe there’s enough to go around.

Lovingly Living,

Tina Erdmann, Tina LeAnn Photography, Milwaukee's Best Portrait Photographer, Headshot Photographer, Glamour Photographer, Southeast Wisconsin

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