I Surrender to the Call

It’s time to surrender.

I’ve started and stopped this blog several times throughout the past year—I just didn’t know where to take it. I felt in my heart that I have much to give, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to give or how to give.

I got started anyway, knowing that someday it would all come together.

I built the website, wrote a few blog posts from the heart, a few ‘how-to’ posts, and a few ‘list’ posts. I reached out to you and asked you what you wanted to learn—where are the gaps, I asked.

Not one of you responded.

At first I felt disheartened, that all of this was in vain. That negative voice in my head told me you didn’t want to hear from me at all. You know the one. That dreaded voice that shows up when you try something new and it doesn’t quite go the way you had planned. It starts with, “I knew this would happen. What were you thinking? This was all a waste of time. You’re such an idiot.” And on and on.

But you wouldn’t have signed up if you didn’t want to hear from me.

You just didn’t know how to answer the questions I asked as to what you need, right?

And I was hiding what I had to give.

So I did some soul searching. I read, journaled, sat in silence and solitude. I gave myself space.

From the start I’ve wanted to be my authentic self—to speak in my authentic voice—but I didn’t have the courage. I felt the pull, but ignored it. It’s scary to reveal who you truly are inside.

Especially when you’ve been quieted by those closet to you since the day you were born.

I’m going to step into the pain though. I’m going to give you my heart. I’m going to share my journey with you and hopfeully my writing will inspire at least one of you.

Some of you will continue to follow; others will leave and that’s ok. You should do what feels best for YOU. If my message and personality resonates with you, let’s walk this beautiful entrepreneurial life journey together—hand in hand.

If my message doesn’t resonate with you, it’s ok. The internet is vast and is filled with mentors and coaches with a variety of voices. Find the one who suits you. Don’t waste any time, life is too short.

So here we are; you and I.

At the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

What do I know right now; in this moment?

It takes courage to step into the unknown and follow your heart. It’s scary. Your biggest fear is the possibility of failure. You don’t want to fail publicly, but it’s through failure that builds strength. It’s through failure that you learn the most valuable lessons.

You HAVE to fail to succeed.

And so you must surrender, and then surrender more.

You must let go, and then let go more.

You must walk into the pain, endure the pain, and keep going anyway.

You must have faith as you work within the darkness and unknown.

You must create.

Because if you don’t, you’ll crush yourself from the inside out. You’ll wander through life wishing you had had the courage to step out and up.

Because it’s in creating where you’ll find peace and joy. You’ll feel an energy move through you. You’ll fall in love with life all over again.

No regrets. Surrender. Let go. Give in to the call and create.

It’s your time. If I can do it, you can too.

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