Get Rich Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Business Coaching, Business Mentoring, Mentorship

Get Rich Lucky Bitch


We all have money blocks, and it’s important to work through these blocks no matter what type of job you have so you’re comfortable asking for what you’re worth. However, as a creative entrepreneur it’s even more vital that you determine where your blocks are so you can more easily charge what you’re worth and feel good receiving money and wealth. This book will help you work through that process.

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic


I wish this book had been available when I was 16 years old. For decades I’ve listened to leaders tell us that we need to focus one ONE thing. I LOVE to learn new things and have never focused on one thing for more than a few years so I thought something was wrong with me. It turns out that I’m a hummingbird. It’s ok to be curious. Its ok to want to learn new things. It’s ok to change direction.

The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning


One thing I was really excited about after leaving my desk job behind was NOT having a daily routine anymore. After working from home for about a year, I learned that I need—humans need—routine. And not just a daily routine, but a morning routine that sets you up for with the mindset to live with intention. Hal lays out an amazing morning plan that’s easy to follow and customize.

Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes

Year of Yes


This book sucks you in after the first paragraph and makes you want to cancel all plans for an afternoon so you read it through in one sitting. With humor, authenticity, and vulnerability, Shonda brings you along as she navigates one year of her life while pushing herself to say YES more often, to step out of her comfort zone, to learn and grow and become a happier version of herself.

Called, Kat Loterzo

Called: A Manifesto


WARNING! This book contains a plethora of F-BOMBS! But, it’s a good read! If you’re in need of a swift kick in the ass, then give this book a shot. If you’ve felt held back in any way, Kat will set you straight. She will remind you, in her direct, authentic, no holds bar way, that what you’re doing is bigger than you so just get on with it. Life is now, press play!

Epic Sexy You. Morgan Field

Epic Sexy You


I saw Morgan speak at the Women’s Travel Summit here in Milwaukee. Her energy is magnetic and it comes through in her writing. She shares her story of moving through addiction and giving to everyone but herself, to getting to know herself at a soul level and loving herself fully. It’s written in a way of, “If I can do this, you can to!”

A Beautiful Anarchy, David duChemin, Photographer, Humanitarian Photographer, Travel Photographer, Craft & Vision

A Beautiful Anarchy


A Beautiful Anarchy is a vulnerable, honest, and insightful book about the human longing to create, whether you’re creating a family, a business, a book, or a photograph. Your greatest creation can be an intentional life lived on your own terms. What is our life but a chance to make the greatest art of all?

Do it Anyway, Kent M. Keith

Do It Anyway


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